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Class org.doit.muffin.Reply


public class Reply
extends Message
Mark Boyns

Constructor Index

 o Reply()
 o Reply(InputStream)

Method Index

 o createRedirect(String)
 o getBoundary()
 o getChunkedFooter(InputStream)
 o getChunkSize(InputStream)
 o getContent()
 o getContentType()
 o getProtocol()
 o getStatusCode()
 o getTransferEncoding()
 o hasContent()
 o setContent(InputStream)
 o setStatusLine(String)
Set the Status line.


 o Reply
 public Reply()
 o Reply
 public Reply(InputStream in)


 o setContent
 public void setContent(InputStream in)
 o getContent
 public InputStream getContent()
 o hasContent
 public boolean hasContent()
 o getProtocol
 public String getProtocol()
 o getStatusCode
 public int getStatusCode()
 o getContentType
 public String getContentType()
 o getBoundary
 public String getBoundary()
 o getTransferEncoding
 public String getTransferEncoding()
 o getChunkSize
 public int getChunkSize(InputStream in) throws IOException
 o getChunkedFooter
 public void getChunkedFooter(InputStream in) throws IOException
 o setStatusLine
 public void setStatusLine(String line)
Set the Status line.

setStatusLine in class Message
 o createRedirect
 public static Reply createRedirect(String url)

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